A Seasonal Detox to Help Achieve Optimal Results.

Anyone at any level can engage in this detox. It’s simple:  you’ll be eating organic Non-GMO natural food and drinking live juices and herbal tea for your wellness. You’ll be guided to participate at the level that’s right for you.  Why wait?  Begin now.

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Solstice 1 Day Fasting

During each solstice it is a great time to fast. By listening to subtle cues from your body’s interior of a natural desire for lighter foods, you’ll dramatically improve your life force and therefore your ability to be effective in life and in tune with nature's profound healing cycles.

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Equinox 1 Day Fasting

Equinox is half way between winter and summer…or half-way between summer and winter (in the s. hemisphere).  Detoxing this time of year sensitizes you to listen deeper within at ALL levels to fuel your  creativity.

Engage in Person or Online:

Each Seasonal Change Queen Afua offers a One Day Fast, on her herbal tonics, Detox Workshops, Clay Treatments for pain relief, Meditation and Breathing Exercise.

Seasonal 1 Day Fasting Detox

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