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All The Tools You Need To Successfully Detox Your Life 

The Heal Thyself Products now known as Queen Afua’s Wellness Formula TM (also supported by Dr. Bernadette Sheridan) continue to be first quality natural products prepared to support your detox and rejuvenation efforts to transform to a holistic lifestyle for optimal wellness of body, mind and spirit.

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Go for the Goal with your 21 Day Detox Your Life Kit 

“Eat and drink your way to whole, dynamic living” ~ Queen Afua

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Formula I

Nutritional Formula (Green Life): To Rejuvenate

Benefits: Rejuvenates the body, builds the immune system and helps to eliminate excessive
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Formula II

Master Herbal Formula: To Detoxify

Benefits: Purifies and restores all of the bodily organs. Also cleanses the bloodstream, rejuvenates
venerates the brain, lungs, bones, and more.
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Formula III

Colon De-blocker: To Soften Impaction

Benefits: Lubricates the colon to ease elimination of old impacted waste from the large and
small intestines.
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Formula IV

Herbal Laxatives: To Purge


Benefits: Gently draws 1-2 lbs of impacted waste out of the colon on a daily basis.

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Formula V

Queen Afua’s Rejuvenation Clay: For Pain

Benefits: For swollen joints, painful areas of the body.

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Formula VI

Breath of Life: To Decongest

Benefits: Assists in alleviating: asthma, hay fever, colds, snoring in sleep, sinus, lung, ear,
eye decongestor, breath freshener.
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Formula VII Women’s Life

Formula: To Restore

Benefits: Flushes the womb of
mucus congestion in the form
of cysts, tumors and vaginal
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Formula VIII Man’s Life

Formula: To Restore
Benefits: Shrinks enlarged
prostate and increases virility.
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