Learn how to become a healer in your Family and create a wellness centered home taking Queen Afua's 4 Master Detox Program Workshops. A wellness lifestyle in your home.

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21 day supply of our 6 formulas: Green Life Nutritional Formula Master Herbal Tea Colon Inner Ease Herbal Laxatives Rejuvenation Clay Breath of Life & Charts.
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Register for a consultation with Queen Afua & Receive a free weekly check in by a
Certified Detox Specialist to gauge
your progress & answer your
wellness concerns. 
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The 4 P's

Of Wellness Power & Radiant Health

The Purpose

Be on Purpose: Establish your purpose, set your goals
clearly and attract to yourself optimal wellness in body,
mind, and spirit.

The Preparation

Prepare Yourself: Your wellness consultant will offer you
a step by step holistic dietary program to establish on the
road to wellness.

The Process

Now that you know how to Heal Thyself through your
wellness consultation, the transformation of your body,
mind and spirit begins. Enjoy your fortifying process to
wellness as you journey through 21 days to one season to
secure a lifetime of health & longevity.

The Prosperity

Through manifesting the 4 P’s, you gain the fourth “P”,
You achieve this in a healthy mind, a healthy body, and a
vibrant spirit. This will attract a prosperous life.


Let's all get active because disease is spreading. We are building wellness by healing ourselves as well as others. Heal Thyself with the 21- Day Detox Your Life Program


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